$85 for simple remote appearance anywhere in California
$85 for simple remote appearance anywhere in California
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CA Statewide by Remote

California Statewide by Remote

Virtual attorney appearances

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Southern California for In Person

When an in person appearance is a must, we can cover it for you anywhere in Southern California

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Southern California In Person

In person attorney appearances

Thousands of successful appearances

One Step Ahead

Why We Are Your Best Choice

We view our job from your perspective. A decade ago our founder complained that appearance services were generally poorly run and profit motivated. The successful appearance was one where the attorney-client paid.

At SAL a successful appearance is where our attorney-client is happy enough to use us again and again and recommend our service to other lawyers. 

You want:

  • to know you’re covered right away;
  • quick 24/7 access to online forms for ordering a service;
  • real people answering the phone to talk to;
  • a skilled, professional, conscientious lawyer as your stand in;
  • a detailed professional report quickly in your hands;
  • and a fair price

If we can accomplish that for you, we know a reasonable profit will follow.  Ten years later with thousands of appearances made we were proven right.

One Step Ahead

Locations we cover


   • Southern District
   • CentralDistrict
    • Eastern District

      • All courts






Via Remote as allowed
• Zoom
• CourtConnect
• CourtCall
• Skype
• FaceTime
• Google Duo
• Phone



    • Los Angeles
     • Orange
     • San Diego
     • Santa Barbara
     • San Bernardino
     • Riverside
      • Ventura
      • Kern
      • Fresno

What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

Cover me

I need an important appearance covered and need to know ASAP whether you can do it. It must be professionally done, with a comprehensive written report quickly in my in box the same day, for which I’m willing to pay a FAIR price. 

Many depositions and court hearings are now conducted by Zoom, Team, CourtCall or similar virtual means. SAL can provide a professional stand in lawyer for you anywhere in California on a moment’s notice.

SAL Woman Lawyer

In Person

So. Cal.

When you absolutely have to have a warm body show up for the appearance, we can cover you anywhere in Southern California. Our roster of appearance attorneys range from 3-40 years of experience in every area of law you are likely to need help with.

Thousands of successful appearances

In Person

Anywhere in Southern California

By Remote

We can cover you statewide.

Fast Report

Quick Report

Often within minutes never more than 24 hrs.